Distribute your inventory with maximum flexibility, across unlimited channels.

Hey!Channel Manager

Centralise all your inventory in one place and keep it updated across booking platforms in real-time. With Hey!Travel's channel manager you can showcase and manage all your properties on a cloud-based platform that aims to help hoteliers and hosts maximize their occupancy, increase operational efficiency, and, of course, revenue.

Maximise occupancy

Enjoy a full synchronisation of your properties across all
platforms. Over are the days of worrying about overbookings.

With our platform, you are able to track and manage in real-time the reservations made through OTAs, booking platforms, or your own website.

Real-time synchronisation

Manage all your channels in the same place to improve efficiency and save time

Connect with multiple channels at no extra cost to make the most of your distribution across different platforms and keep them updated in real-time.

All changes will be saved and updated instantly in your PMS, helping you save time and resources

Automation Rules

Set up your distribution rules, adjust them when needed, and automate the rest. You set the rule types and assign them with your rates and channels, recovering more free time to take care of your business and staff.

Stop Sales based on available rooms;

Restrict Availability;

Change price based on occupancy.

Extra Features

Centralised communication

Keeping track of all communications channels can be a bit of a rollercoaster, that's why one of the most important parts of Hey!Channel manager is the inbox.

All guest messages (and reviews) you receive across platforms are stored in your inbox where you can manage and reply to them. One inbox for incoming messages and reviews to make communication, and your life, simpler.

Promo Creator

Save time by creating offers from the channel manager and promote them to your channels of choice in a few clicks. Apply special discounts, the sale channels, and its specific target as well as excluded dates;

Reviews management

With Hey!Travel, guest reviews and property scores also live in your channel manager. With everything being so digital these days, reviews play a big part when choosing one room or another.

With our channel manager, you can manage and reply to guest reviews on your dashboard and it will automatically synchronise across platforms.

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