Hey!Card is an integrated solution that allows the creation, management and selling of voucher cards. Increase immediate revenue by selling property services through online and offline channels.

Unique and secure
voucher codes

Hey!Card generates vouchers with unique IDs to prevent voucher abuse. To offer total flexibility, the vouchers can be redeemed as a QR code or on paper by printing them out.

For further transparency, Hey!Card integrates with your PMS to grant your team full visibility of guests card balance and history.

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Automate voucher-card workflows

Hey!Card integrates with your PMS to synchronise bookings and customer data to help automate the creation of tailored voucher cards based on guest events behaviours and channels.

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Simplified Payments

Hey!Card offers several payment getaways that enable a secure and flexible paying system to your guests.

For a smoother invoicing process, integrate our solution to your PMS and automatically associate voucher-card purchases with your guests’ invoices.

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More Features

Easy card creation

Create cash-value or service voucher cards and sell them via front-office or through your website.

Hey!Card´s tool allows you to set restrictions, dates and assign rules based on the profile of your guests.
Never miss an upsell opportunity again.

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Upsell online with
your brand

Hey!Card’s widget integration allows hotel managers to easily create, embed and link vouchers on the hotel’s website to upsell
to visitors.

Build brand awareness with an integration that can be fully tailored to follow the brand’s guidelines and preserve the company’s image and authenticity.

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All information at the blink of an eye

Keep track of sales, redeems and much more on a dashboard that simplifies information and updates in real-time.

Hey!Card helps multiple and individual property managers have a clear overview of performance and, based on collected data, make necessary adjustments when needed.

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